Parc Asterix
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Parc asterix – plailly, Париж, Франция, 60128

Телефон: 0033344623253
Discover this french fairytale city set in the middle of a oak forest with large, brightly coloured huts in the form of famous comic characters such as asterix and obelix, created by uderzo. the village lets you feel part of the character’s lives, enjoy the ancient viking areas and roman villages, many different exciting games, shows and attractions such as the waterfall boat rides, the artificial rapids and sailing on the lake in a old the area dedicated to greece, you will be submerged into the world of greek mythology, challenging hercules and zeus at mechanical, olympic style medieval paris where you will be entertained with various musical shows.Расположение

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30 Km. To The North Of Paris, A1 Towards Lille. Direct Exit To Parc Asterix Between Exits 7 & 8. By Train Take The Rer B3 From Paris Gare Du Nord On Platform 43 And Get Off At AAAroport Charles De Gaulle Terminal 1, Terminal 3. From The Parcs De Loisirs Clients Make Their Way To Asterix Shuttle Buses, Every 30 Minutes.